The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Lip Gloss Game

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The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Lip Gloss Game

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Every girl loves to wear lipgloss, but do you even know what is lip gloss made out of? Also, which lipgloss is the best on the market? Nowadays the beauty industry is flooded with thousands of different brands, shades, and kinds of lipgloss. This is why and when it can get overwhelming to find your perfect and favorite product. If you want a bit more information on what is lip gloss supposed to do + if you want to narrow down your selection and if you’re looking for some helpful tips and tricks, keep on reading!

What is lip gloss made of?

So, what is lip gloss made out of? Like other cosmetics, lip gloss is available in a variety of formulations, but a few common elements are found in practically all of them. The first of these ingredients is emollient. These oils give lip gloss its glossy, slick consistency. A lip gloss can also be natural and organic, made with ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. In addition to these basic ingredients, lip gloss frequently also includes colored additives. Tinted lip glosses may utilize artificial dyes or all-natural substances like fruit extracts to get the desired color. Common additions for dazzling gloss include mica and iron oxide. It is always up to you to read the back label of your chosen, purchased & new product.

How to wear lip gloss?

So, you’re not too sure how to wear your lip gloss? If you’re a beginner in terms of makeup application, here’s what we recommend doing:
Step 1:  Use a creamy, matte, and rich lip pencil to outline the corners of your lips.
Step 2: Make sure that your chosen lip products are in a similar color group. So for instance, if you have pink lip gloss go in with a dark pink lip pencil and lipstick, etc.
Step 3: Once your lips are outlined now it is time to put some color down your middle. Go in with pigmented lipstick and smear it across
Step 4: Now it is time to apply the gloss. Use it lightly and gently in a smaller quantity to get that juicy and plumpy look. Bring the product with you everywhere you go so that you can touch up your lips when needed, especially after eating drinking, etc.

Top 3 lip gloss trends

If you wish to follow some lip trends and try out something new, we got your back! In 2023, a lot of trends will be making a comeback. Here are the top few that you should consider trying out:
1. Lip oil
Not everyone wants dramatic lips, and some women prefer lighter colors and softer outcomes. A well-known Dior lip oil is a must-try product for this summertime season, as well as for that soft & effortless appearance.
2. Matte and juicy
If you want longevity in terms of product application and long-lastingness, you can try adding matte lipstick underneath. With the right pigmented product, you can get rid of any smearing and you can still have pigmentation!
3. Juicy pop
Some women only want to add a pop of color to their middle portion and their lower lip. You can achieve this by adding the color softly only to your bottom lip.

The downside of lip gloss: What are the disadvantages of lip gloss?

1. Sticky
If you’re a lip gloss girl, it’s likely that you’ve struggled with your hair being stuck to your lip gloss numerous times. Additionally, especially if it’s a low-quality one, it might feel sticky, heavy, and occasionally disgusting on your lips after application. If you dislike glossy and smeary textures, make sure that you stick to matte products.
2. Not long-lasting
Lip gloss, like all other cosmetics, follows the rule that the more wet the product is, the less time it will last. The only drawback to using lip gloss is the constant need for touch-ups throughout the day.
3. Not for everyone
Some women dislike the applicator, the quality, but also the scent of this product. Oftentimes, lip glosses have a strong scent to them, making them hard to wear and pull off. If you want something durable, this is not it.

How to make lip gloss?

Do you want to make your very own lip gloss? If so, you have to prepare your station & your ingredients. In fact, make sure that you have everything sorted out and with you to begin. Here are your crucial steps:
Step 1: A desk with appropriate counter space near your burner will allow you to mix your gloss and melt the components simultaneously.
Step 2: Open the lip gloss tubes and place them on your work surface. Make sure that you warm up these parts.
Step 3: The double boiler is the right product and tool that you’re going to use for melting your wax. Castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil should be mixed in a ratio of three-quarters of a tablespoon to one tablespoon to one tablespoon.
Step 4: Remove the mixture from the heat, but continue stirring while it cools down. Aim for vitamin E, essential oils, mica, and beetroot powder to make your own lip gloss.
Step 5: Once everything is mixed together you should put the liquid gloss base into a container. After the gloss has hardened and cooled to room the product is ready for application.

Which lip gloss is the best?

Not too sure what to go for or where to shop? You have to narrow down your selection or let us do it for you. Here are our top two picks and favorites:
(A) Glossier : With their approach to lip gloss, Glossier definitely hit the target. In fact, they’ve added more colors to their assortment of lip glosses, while their best-seller ‘Clear Lip Gloss’ is still one of their best sellers. To keep lips feeling hydrated and supple, it is made with plant-based components including vitamin E and jojoba oil. Glossier is not too pricey (falls just right between medium-priced cosmetics), and everyone can enjoy their products.

(B) NYX:The outstanding feature of this lip gloss is NYX’s creamy consistency. It never feels heavy on the lips and is quite simple to apply. Another benefit? You won’t have a goopy line around the edge of your lips as the color fades (after eating your noon snacks). NYX has some of the best sellers on the market, and all of its products are of high quality while being super budget-friendly. It is only around $5 and can be found in most beauty shops.

Having said all of that

Are you ready to invest in your next high-quality lipstick? If so, what are you drawn to the most? Creamy, lightweight, scented? The truth is that any girl will enjoy a gorgeous pigmented product. Which one is going to find its way to your beauty station the quickest, and have you figured out the right application method? Let us know! We can’t wait to see you with your newly chosen lip product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever heard of this myth? The assertion that whale sperm can be detected in lip cosmetics is utterly false. This was truly just an urban legend that lipstick was made from whale sperm. The main component in this dish is ambergris. What precisely is Ambergris? The phrases “the treasure of the sea” and “floating gold” are two of the many names that have been given to Ambergris. Ambergris was once a common ingredient in cosmetics like lipstick and perfumes. As it turned out, the ambergris came from a sperm whale, called Physeter macrocephalus. The sperm whale is one type of whale. Not whale sperm, but whale sperm!
This frequently asked Google question might break some hearts. In fact, gloss actually dries out your lips. It’s not a good idea to use gloss in place of moisturizer because it doesn’t work. It actually has a jelly-like consistency, making it dry and uncomfy to wear on top. However, what you can do to prepare your lips for product application? You can use a toothbrush to remove any chapped and cracked skin cells before applying lipstick to ensure you have the smooth base you require. Apply lip balm and only then add lip gloss. Proper preparation is key in this case.
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