Master the Art of Smokey Eye Makeup with Step-by-Step Tutorials:Makeup Artist Secrets

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Master the Art of Smokey Eye Makeup with Step-by-Step Tutorials:Makeup Artist Secrets

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Even though creating the perfect smokey eye is easy in theory, it may prove challenging to some women who are just starting out in makeup. Did you know that ”how to do a smokey eye?” has been Googled by over 21 million people in the past several months? This just proves that women are trying to master this skill. You should stay away from going all black with this makeup technique, and rather build it slowly. Here is how you can do it on your own!

What You'll Need For The Perfect Smoky Eye: Makeup Artist Secrets

You have to prepare your makeup items & tools. What you will be needing? Make sure that you have the following:
Primer & concealer:  The under-eye region & your lids can be primed and smoothed out using a full-coverage concealer. You will also have to clean up any fallout or excess.
High-quality brushes:  Before blending, create a base for your smoky eye using an eyeshadow brush that is tightly packed. Use a fluffy blending brush to prevent harsh lines between your eyeshadow applications.
Pigmented eyeshadows:  To create a classic smoky eye you’ll need three coordinating eyeshadow shades: an all-over shade, a crease color, and a highlight. It is best to stick to all matte shades for the best results.
Mascara & liner: For that Red-Carpet look it is crucial that you use highly pigmented products. These can look good in photos and will truly make your eyes stand out. Go for a long-lasting mascara, along with a matte black high-pigmented liner.

How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup In 6 Steps: Makeup Artist Secrets

1. Clean Skin
The first step in applying quick smokey eye makeup is to properly cleanse the face, giving special attention to the area around the eyes. Get an oil-free cleanser to clean your skin. With proper base & hydration, your eye makeup won’t smudge or crack for several hours.
2. Priming
Applying a primer to the eyelids prior to applying eye makeup can be a smart move to avoid any creasing. Go for a matte primer if you have super oily skin & eyelids, or go for a dewy primer if your skin is very dry.
3. Smoke Out
Your heavy eyeliner is necessary to complete this seductive, smokey look. Start adding makeup around the outside corner of the eye and going inward when applying liquid or a pencil. If your kohl pencil is pigmented & moisturizing you will achieve the right level of coverage.
4. Add Shadows
Once you are satisfied with your smokey eye outline it is time to seal the deal by adding your favorite matte shadow on top. Stick to dark browns and place the colors easily by doing light patting motions so that they stick in place. Don’t forget a light brown shadow on your lower lash line as well.
5. Add Mascara
Once you are satisfied with its pigmentation levels, it is time to add mascara on top. Go for any brand you like, as long as it is waterproof! You can take it one step further and apply falsies for that glamorous and club-inspired outcome!
6. Do Your Foundation
After you are done with your eyelids it is time to move onto your face. Make sure that you clean away any type of fallout with a large fluffy brush and wet wipes. Your complexion should come last, along with your lipstick. Black is tricky to work with, so be patient. For anyone who needs a video tutorial, here is what we recommend!
Doll-Eye: Doll-eyelash extensions are designed to give the appearance of wide eyes and dolls. Longer eyelashes in the middle of the eye create the appearance of bigger, rounder eyes with this look.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow all of these steps, but make one minor change in your chosen shadow colors. Did you know that blue eyes pop with colors like orange, copper, brown, and gold? You should go for warm browns and deep espresso shades instead of matte black pigments.
For a lot of women, rocking a dark & sexy smokey eye is the right move for night-outs & parties. You can also go for it for your prom but don’t do it for your wedding, as this type of makeup can be too dark & overpowering.

It doesn’t matter if you plan on doing a dark brown or matte black smokey eye look, as one rule is universal. Which rule? Avoid red lipstick! You can’t have both your lids & your lips pop as much. You can only accentuate one feature. This is why soft pink or nude is the perfect lip color when it comes to smokey eye makeup. Look at how Bobbi Brown does it right here!

So, are you ready to smoke it out?

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