Siren Eye Makeup Tricks: Unleash Your Inner Temptress with Captivating Looks

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Siren Eye Makeup Tricks: Unleash Your Inner Temptress with Captivating Looks

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There is a good reason siren eyes are currently so well-liked & popular all over social media. One of its many appealing features is the versatility of this look. It is a newer design, as well as something that is super popular on Red Carpets! 

In fact, you can opt for a natural look or a more dramatic smoky eye to channel your inner siren, depending on your preference. Thanks to a ton of TikTok trends & video reels, one can enjoy a siren smokey eye within a couple of minutes! Want to jump on this trend as well? Here is how!

Why You Should Do Siren Makeup

The siren eyes makeup trend is a hybrid of the fox and cat-eye liner looks. If you love playing around with cool concepts, this is for you!

How To Do Siren Eyes Makeup Tricks? Top 3 Steps

1. Line the Upper Lash Line with Brown Eyeshadow

Start with your eyes and be super patient with your makeup application. Don’t worry about making a perfect line, rather focus on smoking out the upper lash line. Use a small blending brush and a matte brown eyeshadow to apply the color along the upper lash line. 

Apply your kohl eyeliner and apply it outwards while gently pulling upwards. Aim for a thin crisp line. Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow and liner, softly blend the two together using a clean, fluffy brush.

2. Lower Lash Line Time
Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

You can apply makeup to your lower lash line using the same brush to gradually darken it. The whole point is in doing that subtle sexy & smokey effect. Now, connect it with your liquid liner. 

Trace the liner at a slight downward angle from the inner corner of your eye down to the lower lash line. It’s preferable to maintain one straight & thin line rather than a bold, thick & dramatic winged liner.

3. Smudgy Mascara

The mascara you choose should make your lashes appear longer and more defined. The whole point is in making your eyes pop! Apply mascara to the entire eyelash from roots to ends concentrating on the outside corners. 

We also suggest adding individual false lashes to accentuate the eyes even more. However, only do this step if you’re confident in your lash application.

Top 4 Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Fox eyes, in particular, became popular due to the influence of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Fox eyes were often achieved with the use of duct tape and would give off that cat-eye look. 

However, many Asian women found the fox eye trend to be racially inappropriate and even upsetting, bringing them back to a time when the form of their eyes was not considered attractive. This is how & when a unique take on the cat eye trend was done, hence the more appropriate name ‘siren’.

Finding the right angle is essential, so get a head start by tracing it. A business card (or something else with a straight edge) can be used to create the right line & track for your liner application. As you do, make sure that your application is slow & steady. 

Align one edge of the tape under your bottom lashes, then tilt it outward to create the siren’s elongated appearance. Make the wing by using a wet, angled brush dipped in eyeshadow to trace along the tape’s edge. This little makeup trick will make all the difference!

Siren Eye Makeup Tricks may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, women with super small and hooded eyes might struggle to do this look. If you want to see a cool transformation and you wish to play with makeup, this article will help you!

You should remember these crucial Eye Makeup Tricks, but also keep in mind that practice makes everything perfect. You can elevate your smokey eye makeup look & try doing it ‘the siren way’. The best part about this trend? You can try it out and wear it to any event!

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