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Elevate Your Eye Game with Makeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes

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Elevate Your Eye Game with Makeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes

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How To Do Hooded Eye Makeup?

Hooded eyelids are a bit complex to apply makeup on top. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying makeup on yourself or someone else, the trick is in practicing to perfection! Not too sure how to apply eyeshadows on your hooded lids? Even if having hooded eyelids is annoying, you don’t have to stop wearing eye makeup. You don’t have to ignore current fashion or design trends either, as you can jump on any trend you like!

Why is that so? Well, we’ve created a list of things to do when it comes toMakeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes — so you’ll know exactly how to make your eyes look bigger, brighter, wider, and more open. Here is all that you should follow.

What Are Hooded Eyes, And How Do I Know If I Have Them?

To begin, you must determine your eye shape and whether or not your lids or eyes are truly hooded. Just take a close look into a mirror with your eyes wide open, you may be able to see right away if you have a hooded eye shape. 

According to Los Angeles makeup expert Allie Renee, a hooded eye shape occurs when the upper eyelid skin rests more on top of the lash line than in the natural crease. It can look a bit saggy or droopy. Folded skin makes the eye look smaller than it is. This is why your makeup application has to change, and you have to adjust it accordingly to open up your lids.

How To Do Hooded Eye Makeup? Top 4 Steps

1. Prime Your Lids

You should use an eye primer if you have hooded eyelids since they make it more difficult for eyeliner and other cosmetics to stay put. This especially applies to women who have oily skin. So, use a small amount of foundation or concealer and apply it all over your lid. Blend out with your favorite brush.

2. Fake a Crease

Now it is time to fake a crease. Use your favorite kohl or pencil eyeliner and draw just above your crease. By arching the crease, you can minimize the appearance of hooded eyes. You can use brown eyeliner for the most natural, subtle & everyday makeup look.

3. Blend it Out

Before your drawn-on crease completely dries, soften the line with a fluffy blending brush. You can also use your favorite nude or brown shades to blend out the edges and melt it all together. Go for a sparkly center point of your eyelid to add even more illusion for an open-eye look.

4. Create Your Cat Eye

To finish your look, trace a line from your lower lash line across your top lash line and into the inner corner. The right type of winged liner can truly make or break your imagined eye look. Finish off the look with your favorite mascara.
Additional Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

If you enjoy subtle makeup looks transformations (plus you only have 5-minutes to get ready), you can do the following steps:
  • Use any lighter shimmery shade and pile it onto your eyelid, brushing & smudging upwards
  • Use a dark brown shade in the outer corners and blend out with a fluffy brush
  • For a natural effect, skip doing the eyeliner, and only curl your lashes
  • This will open up your lids & hide the hooded part while being super effortless, quick easy

If you are a woman in your fifties the number one makeup tip that you should follow is adding a white gel eyeliner into your lower lash line! This truly opens up the eyes and prevents them from looking droopy. Here is a helpful tutorial that you can watch & follow!

Makeup for hooded eyes can vary based on your age, skin type & preferred look. However and in most cases, all women should have:


  • An eyelid primer
  • Gel pencil liner (black or brown)
  • Nude eyeshadows
  • Fluffy blending brushes
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara & lash curler


With these handy items, you can fake a sexy cat eye in less than 10 minutes!


So, are you ready to give it your all and have fun doing your next look?! Let us know, we can’t wait to see you with something new!

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